Local Guide ‎Best Practice: ALL CAPS / all lowercase

[This is one of a series of articles originally published on Local Guides Connect]

There are multiple ways in which names of businesses or other points of interests can be written incorrectly. Sometimes you come across downright typing errors where you can suggest a name correction (‘Architcet’ instead of ‘Architect’ is one I have come across myself a couple of days ago), although you should always carefully check that the ‘awkward’ spelling is not intentional (business owners are sometimes very creative and playful with language).

Another problem frequently popping up is the incorrect use of either ALL CAPS (‘CAFE RIO’ instead of ‘Café Rio’) or all lowercase (‘ann’s fashion’ instead of ‘Ann’s Fashion’). Sometimes this is intended, but often it is not (especially in the case of smaller, local businesses). So the real problem is figuring out what is the ‘official’ way the name of the business is written. Google Maps is offering some tools to help you with this: in the business details section there is a link to the website, where you can check how exactly the business owner is writing the name (the ‘About us’ or ‘Contact’ pages are usually the best place to check) and there is Street View which allows you to check the way the name of the business is spelled at the actual location (some caution here too: in some areas the Street View images can be outdated).

And by the way: suggesting corrections for names can be an easy way to earn points as each edit will bring you 5 points!

The original article can be found here


Disclaimer: the practices described here as best practice are my personal interpretation, and I don’t claim any level of official endorsement.

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