2 thoughts on “Picture cropped from AFGE’s Photostream on Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/afge/)

  1. Tiffani

    Hello blogger, i found this post on 19 spot in google’s search results.
    I’m sure that your low rankings are caused by hi bounce rate.
    This is very important ranking factor. One of the biggest
    reason for high bounce rate is due to visitors
    hitting the back button. The higher your bounce rate the further down the search results your posts and pages will end up,
    so having reasonably low bounce rate is important for improving your rankings naturally.
    There is very handy wordpress plugin which can help you.

    Just search in google for:
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    1. Jan Van Haver Post author

      Hello Tiffani,

      You should mention for which search term you found my blogpost ranked on “19 spot” if you want your message to have any level of credibility.

      And – unlike yourself, I presume – my online activities are in no way meant to generate any money whatsoever, so I’m afraid to have to inform you that your time & effort have been wasted on me (and even more if you’ve taken the time to read this reply – I now wonder: is there an internal struggle going on at this moment between your inclination to click away from this time-wasting rubbish and your curiosity to read the last few lines of this reply?).

      There is another way, actually, that you could have figured out that your attempt to make me buy your plugin was not going to be successful: at the very bottom of the blog, you can see that my blog is created as a free blog on WordPress.com, hodsted by WordPress, where the use of plugins is not possible, not on WordPress.org. So here’s your bonus tip for possibly saving some time in the future (hey… if you decided to read on, it turns out not to be a complete waste of time after all!): eliminate from your target list any blog that is not able to use plugins!


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