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Song of the day: Amatorski – The King

These Song of the day posts are somehow meant as digging up hidden treasures, exactly like the kid is doing in the video accompanying today’s discovery: The King by the Belgian band Amatorski.

The song was released in 2010, and despite being only 2 minutes long it can serve as an excellent way to quickly go into a relaxing mood. Make sure to select a comfortable chair before clicking the Play-button!

Song of the day: Markus Nikolai – Bushes

If you happen to live near the German city Frankfurt and need a pair of glasses, it might be a good idea to drop by at Markus Nikolai’s ( – apparently the man who made the song I want to draw your attention to today is selling fancy glasses these days.

Should you decide to do so, give him my regards and tell him that he has made an absolutely gorgeous and enchanting song in the early 2000s: Bushes. As you will notice, the video is more about how to get rid of them.

Song of the day: Peter Frampton – Show Me The Way

Iconic. That word should not be used lightly to describe a song, but in this case it is absolutely justified. The energy. The vibe of happiness. The thingy taped to the microphone. Tip of the day: bookmark this page for occasions when you might need a shot of positivism.

And in case you wonder what a contemporary version would look and sound like, here’s a more recent recording.

Song of the day: Nouvelle Vague – Blue Monday

Writing great, original songs is an amazing skill. The creative artist(s) at his/her/their peak. But making alternative versions of existing songs can lead to equally amazing results, especially if the new version is not simply a cover, aiming to replicate the original as closely as possible, but rather an individual interpretation.

In my experience, some of the best results are linked to a switch in genre between the original and the new version. Take for example Nouvelle Vague, a french band that has released some albums with bossa nova versions of new wave classics – some of them absolutely wonderful, like Blue Monday.

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Song of the day: Josh Rouse – Hollywood Base Player

With some songs, everytime I hear them being played on the radio or presented to me by the coincidence of shuffle function on my iPod, I have no idea who the artist or band is, often no idea about the title of the song (until it pops up in the lyrics of course), but still they manage to bring about a positive vibe somewhere inside. And that’s really all that counts for me. Here’s one of them.

Song of the day: Belle & Sebastian – Step Into My Office, Baby

220px-belle__sebastian_-_step_into_my_office_babyI never watch music videos. It’s only when I have selected a song as Song of the day that I start searching for a good way to include the song into a blogpost. Originally, the plan was to mainly use links from Soundcloud (as videos can be a distraction from the songs itself), but this soon turned out not to be a feasible option, as official versions of most songs are simply not on it, and the songs that are on it, often don’t stay on it – unlike for example video clips officially posted on YouTube or Vimeo. So I ended up posting links to videos most of the time.

A long intro to simply point out: the songs are not selected because of the videos. Just to make sure you don’t start thinking – as I now realize you might when taking a good look at the clips I have been posting – I am a sex maniac. On the other hand, this apparent correlation between good music and sex(ual undertones) in the videos accompanying them might be something worth looking into in more detail. So, while you are enjoying Step Into My Office, Baby by Belle & Sebastian, I will engage in some more YouTube exploration. To be continued.

Song of the day: Frank Sinatra – It Was A Very Good Year

Given the fact that the previous post was a reference to Mad Men, and that I had already given a Twin Peaks quote ages ago, how long did you figure it would take before the Sopranos were brought up?

The song, originally released in 1961, was used in the opening scene of episode 1 of the second season. To fully appreciate the footage, the music (those enchanting violins!) and the lyrics, my advice would be to watch and/or listen at least twice – and then go off bingewatching at least one full season of Sopranos, obviously.