Local Guide Best Practice: Filtering ‘Check the facts’

[This is one of a series of articles originally published on Local Guides Connect]

For a lot of people, this tip will be of little value, as they have figured it out for themselves, but to some it still might be new: when using the mobile version of ‘Check the facts’ you can filter the type of facts you get presented for checking.

At the top of the screen, there are 2 lines with bullets (or icons if you prefer that term) – the top one represents the types of points of interest (food-related, culture-related, etc.), the bottom one represents the type of facts that Continue reading

Song of the day: Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar

It’s the 4th track on the Chemical Brothers’ masterpiece album Come With Us, that also contains beauties such as It Began In Afrika (ka-ka-ka – I simply cannot mention that song title without adding those extra repeats) and Pioneer Skies. But I have selected Star Guitar here as the combination of the song itself and the accompanying video create an extra dimension.

You might not notice it at the first viewing (in case you want to test this yourself: stop reading right now, watch the clip and then come back to continue reading – welcome back for those who just did that), but the clip is not just some random footage shot from a riding train. In fact: a huge amount of work was put into it, to make sure that each beat within the song consistently corresponds to a visual element you see outside the train window: some part of the railroad infrastructure, fence pickets, bridges, etc. Or would you rather believe that there is a town somewhere that was silly enough to build 6 water towers, each a few 100 meters apart?

Local Guide Best Practice: Correcting errors you accidentally made

[This is one of a series of articles originally published on Local Guides Connect]

Every piece of information you ever added to Google maps and every edit you ever suggested was 100% perfectly accurate, right? Hang on: some of them were not? You sometimes make MISTAKES? Of course you do – and I will readily admit: so do I. We’re all human, and that inevitably means we sometimes make mistakes.

As conscientious local guide you of course don’t make those mistakes on purpose. They rather slip in by accident, but you only notice them once you have submitted the information. And then it sinks in: “OMG, I have made Google maps worse, by adding false information!” (especially if it is a suggested edit that was approved within seconds – I still get a bit of that awkward taste in my throat when I recall the first time it happened to me).

So: what to do to undo your wrongdoing? First and foremost:  Continue reading

9 amazing things about Germany

In recent years, I have spent quite a bit of my time in Germany, both in a professional and a private context. And in that period, a number of things have struck me as anything on a scale ranging from “a bit awkward” over “amazing” down to “simply too baffling for words”.

Buckle up for a list of the most striking ones:

  • The obsession with privacy, and the resulting tendancy to make things twice as complex as they could be – nicely illustrated that time when I specifically requested to Continue reading

Quote of the day #105

“The status quo isn’t worth protecting. It’s so easy to be in reaction, on the defensive, fighting for the world we had yesterday. Fight for something better, something we haven’t seen yet, something you have to invent.”

Jennifer Pahlka