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Logical fallacies – download the free poster now!

Please spend a minute or two to have a look at this wonderful initiative from Jesse Richardson, an ad guy who decided to finally use the skills he developed while working in advertising for something useful: a website that lists a number of common logical fallacies in a very user-friendly way. On the site you can also download – for free – the poster you see here. A perfect tool for the development of critical thinking, which will no doubt help to uncover half truths and fake news!

After having downloaded your own copy, please do make an extra effort to point out this initiative to your family and friends, especially if you know people working in education. Both the website and the poster are published under a creative commons license, so all of the material can be used at will.

The website & poster are available in various languages, such as:





And since this week also in Dutch (which is where I got involved, as I made the tranlation into Dutch): https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/nl

Are men smarter than women?

Look at Nobel laureates (especially in the scientific domains), inventors, creative geniuses, brilliant scholars, or any other category of people that are considered to be extremely smart. Almost all of them are male. Photo taken from Thierry Ehrmann's Flickr Photostream (https://www.flickr.com/photos/home_of_chaos/)There are some females in all of these categrories, of course, but the male/female distribution is nowhere near the 50/50 one might expect when starting from the assumption that men and women have on average equal intellectual capacities.

In the days of extreme feminism one could not even point out that men and women are different in obvious ways Continue reading

Suggestions for a slightly better world #3

Photo by Tim Reckmann (FotoDB.de)Some people think it’s a good idea to spend money on schemes or systems that promise to improve your chances of winning the lotto or lottery. I can tell you one thing: the only one who is certain to end up with more money is the guy selling the scheme. There simply is no such thing as manipulating chance. Probability calculation is an exact science. Although it might feel a bit counterintuitive, the chance of the winning Continue reading

An amazing discovery

When was the last time you went through your collection of printed photos? In this age of digital a lot of people stopped making actual prints of their pictures somewhere in the last decade or so. Probably you still have some albums somewhere in a closet, but not much has been added to them of late.

Not that we’re all making less pictures than we used to. On the contrary: more photos are taken with an increasing amount of devices. But we simply stopped spending money on printing them in large volumes. Still every once in a while I now find myself browsing through folders filled with pictures on various screens. And that’s exactly what I was doing a few days ago… when I suddenly made this AMAZING DISCOVERY. Continue reading