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Quote of the day #39

“Now what would you say, if I told you that
Everyone thinks you’re a crazy old cat?
Hey man, now you’re really living”

Mark Oliver Everett in Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living), one of the songs
on the Eels masterpiece double album Blinking Lights and Other Revelations
Picrture taken from the official Eels website

Song of the day: Eels – Peach Blossom

When the people close to me noticed that this blog is also featuring Song of the day posts, they have no doubt been wondering when the first Eels song would pop up here. Well, the time is now.

I picked Peach Blossom, a song from last year’s album Wonderful, Glorious. It’s a wonderful mix of rock and melody but also very catchy at the same time. A live performance of it last spring – during the concert in Brussels at the exact date of frontman Mark Oliver Everett’s (aka E) fiftieth birthday – was definitely one of my most memorable moments of 2013.

And as there is no such thing as too many Eels songs: keep listening to the stream below, as it contains a second track New Alphabet