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Warning: you are likely to be victim of a huge scam!

Picture by SamsungTomorrow (https://www.flickr.com/photos/samsungtomorrow/)Those who know me in person, will be able to confirm: intellectual development is quite important to me. That is why in recent years I have been thrilled to see loads of new devices entering our society at a large scale with a name containing the prefix ‘smart’. BUT… there is a big problem! And probably you are just as much a victim to it as I have now discovered to be myself!!! Continue reading

What to say when picking up another person’s phone?

Picture by FredEver come across the following situation? You’re in the room with another person who is engaged in an activity that requires her/his full attention and impedes her/him to communicate clearly and directly with you. Let’s say (s)he is engaged in a telephone conversation on a land line that (s)he is unable or unwilling to interrupt. Then all of a sudden Continue reading