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I also impose a travel ban!

I hereby impose a 120 day travel ban denying access to my property (the house and the 400m² surrounding it) for people from the following countries:

Monaco, Panama and Cayman Islands: I understand that it is not always pleasant to pay taxes, especially if you have to pay a lot of them. But that is obviously only the case if you have come into even bigger sums of money (as I was not sure if ‘earned’ is a proper description, I opted to choose ‘come into’) – as far as I was able to find out, the first case of a tax rate higher than 100% still has to be reported upon. Continue reading


Not much activity on this blog lately… but for a perfectly good reason. I have been working on another website. And obviously I now also want to use this channel to promote it.

SteinRuhe is a wonderful place in Gerach, Germany (near Idar-Oberstein), where my wife and me will be renting out a few rooms. Do check out the website – you will notice it also contains a button for booking rooms, should you be interested in doing so.P1060319

Hotel showers and how to conquer them

For my job, I regularly have to travel to various countries across Europe and often this involves spending one or a few nights in a hotel room. Which usually come with a decent bathroom (I’m not going to go into the details of the time when a room pre-booked room turned out to come with something called a shared bathroom – suffice it ot say that the core problem is that it is cleaned only once a day, not after each indidual use of the shared facility).
Hot tap
Using most of the equipment in those bathrooms in a proper way is pretty straightforward, although flushing the toilet can require several attempts of pushing or pulling things that are part of or can be found in the vicinity of the toilet. Continue reading