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Doctors defined from economic point of view

Doctors are women and men who have studied years and years, gathering the best knowledge available to help you solve health issues whenever those arrive, right? Well, yes of course that is a good definition (and I’m absolutely thrilled that they are there and do just that), but it does not cover all possible angles.

Let’s for example try to come up with addtional definitions for some subcategories of the medical profession, from an economic perspective:

  • medical specialist: someone who will only make some decent money if whatever is wrong with you is caused by something related to her/his specialty
  • surgeon: someone who only makes money if (s)he can cut you open
  • plastic surgeon: someone who stops earning money when you look perfect
  • psychiatrist: someone who stops earning money the minute (s)he utters the words “There is nothing wrong with you.”
  • general practitioner: someone who will only keep earning money from you if (s)he consistently provides you with the correct diagnosis

OK, admittedly that’s all a bit over the top (except for the last one), but still it can be a very useful dimension to keep in mind when seeking medical advice.

How I became a fan of Donald Trump

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, you will have to admit: ever since he decided to run for president of the United States, things are moving at a pace that was deemed impossible until that point in time. Whether his decision resulted from a bet, a joke or a could-I-pull-this-off question we will never know. But it has become quite obvious that he did not really consider in any detail what the actual consequences (for himself, the United States, and the world) would be should the crazy endeavour really (perhaps ‘really, really’ instead of just ‘really’ would be more appropriate here, given the context) succeed. Continue reading

Would you like to receive 300 EUR?

Picture from Images Money's photostream on Flickr

Picture from Images Money’s photostream on Flickr

Have you ever heard of helicopter money? The term comes from an image the economist* Milton Friedman used to in a theoretical discussion of what would happen if you simply inject extra money into an economic system (whereby you would throw it out into the streets from a helicopter). There are several ways you could increase the amount of money, and one of them you will probably already have heard of,  Continue reading

Quote of the day #52

“A man who does not want anything, but does things solely to earn money, is in any case a poor man, even if he earns that money.”

Bertolt Brecht (in Dreigroschenroman)

Song of the day: The Flying Lizards – Money

The Flying Lizards is an English band you might never have heard of before, and there’s really not all that much to tell about them. Those amongst you that do know them, probably have a New Wave Classics compilation album lying around somewhere, featuring the song Money.

The history of the song is actually more interesting than the history of the band. Money was written by Tamla Motown founder Berry Gordy (together with Janie Bradford) at the time when he was foudning the record label and originally released in 1960 by Barrett Strong. It can therefore be considered to be the first hit record for Motown. The most famous cover was released in 1963 by a Liverpool-based band called… The Beatles (as the final song on their second album With The Beatles).

The song was covered quite a few times, and in 1979, this catchy cover version by The Flying Lizards brought the song again to the charts (as high as number 5 in some countries).