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Suggestions for a slightly better world #6

As you could read here before I’m not always a big fan of the British. But there is one thing I absolutely love about them: the way that behave on escalators. Especially if you contrast that to the way the rest of the world population (or at least the part I have already been exposed to) behaves on them.

Those of you who have been in the UK will no doubt already realize what I am l referring to: on escalators that are wide enough to allow Continue reading

Quote of the day #55

“The British are too polite to be honest, whereas the Germans are too honest to be polite.”

Henning Wehn (a german stand up comedian – he did
not come up with the expression, but I heard it from him)

Suggestions for a slightly better world #5

One of the big frustrations for people in search of a job is not getting any feedback on your job applications. You spend quite an amount of time and go to a lot of trouble to come up with a decent letter and then you hear… nothing at all. It’s not really hard to understand the resulting frustration, right?
13903383190_5920c870e1_zOn the other hand, it’s also understandible Continue reading