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Quote of the day #105

“The status quo isn’t worth protecting. It’s so easy to be in reaction, on the defensive, fighting for the world we had yesterday. Fight for something better, something we haven’t seen yet, something you have to invent.”

Jennifer Pahlka

The “I-already-have-this” button

The other day I was listening to episode 590 of the podcast Six Pixels of Separation, in which the host, marketer Mitch Joel (who is always outstanding in selecting guests for this excellent podcast – and even better in coming up with intelligent and insightful questions), was interviewing PR guru David Meerman Scott. And in their conversation they mentioned having experienced multiple times something that is causing a lot of frustration with both the podcast interviewer, the interviewee and myself, and which is linked to the online marketing technique called retargeting (whereby you seem to be followed around when surfing the internet by online ads from a company whose website you recently visited).

As such this marketing technique is quite successfull, but the aspect of it that Mitch Joel mentioned was referring to exactly the scenario that is causing most of the frustration for me: Continue reading

I also impose a travel ban!

I hereby impose a 120 day travel ban denying access to my property (the house and the 400m² surrounding it) for people from the following countries:

Monaco, Panama and Cayman Islands: I understand that it is not always pleasant to pay taxes, especially if you have to pay a lot of them. But that is obviously only the case if you have come into even bigger sums of money (as I was not sure if ‘earned’ is a proper description, I opted to choose ‘come into’) – as far as I was able to find out, the first case of a tax rate higher than 100% still has to be reported upon. Continue reading

Suggestions for a slightly better world #6

As you could read here before I’m not always a big fan of the British. But there is one thing I absolutely love about them: the way that behave on escalators. Especially if you contrast that to the way the rest of the world population (or at least the part I have already been exposed to) behaves on them.

Those of you who have been in the UK will no doubt already realize what I am l referring to: on escalators that are wide enough to allow Continue reading

Suggestions for a slightly better world #5

One of the big frustrations for people in search of a job is not getting any feedback on your job applications. You spend quite an amount of time and go to a lot of trouble to come up with a decent letter and then you hear… nothing at all. It’s not really hard to understand the resulting frustration, right?
13903383190_5920c870e1_zOn the other hand, it’s also understandible Continue reading

Important concept for teenagers: subtlety in scent

This is really a message specifically meant for teenagers, so if you happen to have any near you: make sure to spread the word to them (preferably via a share button – being experts at this, the members of the targeted demographic will gladly explain to you how this works; you will have to put up with some rolling of the eyes or a mocking glance, though).
Picture taken from Steve Crane's photostram on Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/strandloper)
The message is connected to any kind of scent applied to the human body,  Continue reading

Is it wise (and healthy) to buy generic medicine?

Picture taken from hitthatswitch's Photostream on Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/ringai/)As consumers we are being offered, in an increasing number of domains, the choice between ‘big brand’ products and store brands or ‘white labels’. A nice way to save some money, right? Especially since more and more research is showing that the quality is very much comparable (if not completely the same, or at least being manufactured in the same production facilities), why not choose the cheaper alternative for everyday products such as milk or paper tissues?

But if your health is at stake, things might be a bit different Continue reading

Quote of the day #29

“This is a very important debate for the decades ahead. The public debt (which is much smaller than total private wealth and perhaps not really that difficult to eliminate) is not our major worry. The more urgent need is to increase our educational capital and prevent the degradation of our natural capital. This is a far more serious and difficult challenge, because climate change cannot be eliminated at the stroke of a pen (or with a tax on capital, which comes to the same thing).”

Thomas Piketty in the concluding pages of Capital in the Twenty-First Century
(his 700 page plea for a progressive annual tax on
capital aimed to improve wealth distribution)
Picture cropped from blu-news.org's Photostream on Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/95213174@N08/)