2 thoughts on “Quote of the day #104

  1. christya Brandon

    So true! The poor tree in your lovely photo, looks exactly my oor little apple tree after the young bear brought back a big black furry relative who quite simply broke off half the tree to get at the apples left on the very top of the tree. It is slowly putting out little leaves, but it is too hot and dry for young tender green leaves to survive the heat. This tree should be budding in April, not July. Guess this heat so far north is a part of climate change. Where I live the poor pines and Maples and small oaks, have to survive temperatures from minus 30 degrees in February, the heart of winter, which I totally enjoy, as a February baby myseff, to +30 degrees in July!
    The extreme cold is really good, if it lasts without a break, for two weeks in the minus range. It kills the Pine beetles which are taking such a toll on our northern forests. Thans for reading this.

    1. Jan Van Haver Post author

      The tree standing alone is also a metaphor: usually a lot of trees are growing closely together in forests, but you always have some special cases that feel the urge to stand out and simply refuse to do/take for granted what all others do/take for granted.


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