An amazing discovery

When was the last time you went through your collection of printed photos? In this age of digital a lot of people stopped making actual prints of their pictures somewhere in the last decade or so. Probably you still have some albums somewhere in a closet, but not much has been added to them of late.

Not that we’re all making less pictures than we used to. On the contrary: more photos are taken with an increasing amount of devices. But we simply stopped spending money on printing them in large volumes. Still every once in a while I now find myself browsing through folders filled with pictures on various screens. And that’s exactly what I was doing a few days ago… when I suddenly made this AMAZING DISCOVERY. Take a look at the picture below and you will immediately spot what I’m referring to.1388528460130

On a picture taken at Cap Gris Nez (in the north of France, near Calais) I suddenly noticed a dark area in the sky. I usually don’t jump to wild conclusions, so I considered some explanations that would make perfect sense. Some dirt on the lens? That would explain why the dark area was a bit blurry. But if that would be the case, the same spot should have been visible on at least some of the pictures I had taken immediately before or after this one. Which was not the case.

An insect or a bird? Not likely either, as the shape of the black spot is quite regular – no signs whatsoever of wings or paws. A practical joke? Come on, the picture was taken in France – ever heard of the use of decent humor by the French? I don’t think so (OK, I admit, their choice of presidents is often close to it).

Then it started to dawn on me. I still feel shivers running down my spine thinking back to the moment I finally realized. The only remaing explanation was that I had accidentally made a picture of a UFO! Irrefutable evidence of alien life forms caught on tape by ME. I urgently needed to make an appointment for a haircut (for the Time Magazine photoshoot – the Man of the Year award was obviously only inches away).

Now imagine my utter amazement when this discovery turned out to be only a first step. After having recovered from the initial surpise, I decided to continue browsing through the pictures on my hard drive. One by one I started finding them… all these years I had taken pictures of UFOs without being aware of it. Here are some other examples.

Now prepare for the real shock: all of these pictures are fake. I know they look very realistic , but the UFOs were added by yours truly afterwards. Sorry. Well, not really. There is in fact a point I want to make. With the multitude of devices in the hands of billions of people around the globe nowadays, more or less everything is caught on tape. Whenever anything newsworthy is happening anywhere in the world, pictures or bits of footage of it show up in the news and/or on social media within minutes. But for some obscure reason this new rule of contemporary life does not apply for UFOs. The ‘best’ pictures, the ‘irrefutable’ pieces of evidence still date from the 1960s or 1970s. Weird.

I have no intention of trying to convince the die hard believers, as this is simply a waste of time. If you want to believe, you can always fool yourself (as lots of people happily demonstrate every day). And no matter how many proclaimed UFO pictures can be proven to be fake or can be explained by perfectly logical argumentation, one can never counter the believer’s argument “all of those might indeed be fake, but here’s a new one that has not yet been proven fake”. Because if you do prove that new one to be fake… he/she might simply come up with yet another one.

My aim is really to address normal people (if you’ve read the post up to this point, you definitely belong to the targeted audience) and make an appeal to their common sense: if creatures from other galaxies would be visiting our beloved planet on a regular basis using high-tech saucer-shaped flying devices, we would undoubtably be flooded by pictures and footage of them these days. And they would go viral on social media within minutes.

If you want to learn more about logical fallacies like this one the true believers live by, check out this website about the topic.

Disclaimer: all of these pictures are the result of some processing of pictures from my personal collection with a nice Andoid app called OVNICA (UFO Photo Art). Available for free in a Play Store near you.

Given this knowledge, you could now decide to browse your own collection. You might come across amazing discoveries yourself! Please let me know if you do and don’t hesitate to share them!

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