Song of the day: Staygold – Wallpaper (feat. Style of Eye & Pow)

When I get a new phone (I’m already dropping the prefix smart- to keep this post relevant for future use: we will soon all consider the term smartphone as something only older people use – compare it to the people still talking about a digital camera, while all of us are simply using camera to refer to these devices) I also pick a new ringtone. Requirements: catchy from the first few tones, not too loud, and an intro that covers at least the time it takes my voicemail to be activated.

This time I chose Wallpaper by Staygold, so whenever you want to hear this song: just give me a call.

In case you are unlike me and find the choice of phone more important than the choice of ringtone (yes, I do realize I belong to a minority): it’s a Samsung S III Mini (the requirements were: enable me to make phone calls and send text messages; allow me to check if there are urgent e-mails when I’m traveling; not necessitate the purchase of pants with oversized pockets).

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