Winter coat

Joe Browns Duffle Coat 85
Every year there is a day that you decide that it’s time to get out your winter coat. Some essential questions are sure to arise at that point in time:

  1. When I get there, will I turn out to be the only one already wearing a winter coat?

  2. Will they have a safe place to leave my coat? Winter coats usually have much more and/or much bigger pockets enabling one to take along more valuables – that might then need to be stuffed in trouser pockets, thereby spoiling much of the sitting comfort all night? [Only applicable in case the option “wife with handbag” is not available.]

  3. Who was this guy whose business card I come across in this pocket?

  4. Where the hell was it that I met him?

  5. Didn’t I promise to call him or send a follow up mail?

  6. Hey, could I still eat this? I guess so (see also this blogpost). Sh**, turns out not to be the case after all.

  7. Already checked the weather app to see if the forecast later today is not 17°C?

  8. Wasn’t I supposed to get it to the drycleaner’s?

  9. Where did I put those gloves?

  10. If coming up with 9 questions is quite easy, why is a tenth not popping up right away?

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