Important concept for teenagers: subtlety in scent

This is really a message specifically meant for teenagers, so if you happen to have any near you: make sure to spread the word to them (preferably via a share button – being experts at this, the members of the targeted demographic will gladly explain to you how this works; you will have to put up with some rolling of the eyes or a mocking glance, though).
Picture taken from Steve Crane's photostram on Flickr (
The message is connected to any kind of scent applied to the human body, and it is pretty easy: subtlety is key. Whether it is perfume, deodorant or anything else meant to establish your presence in an aromatic way, applying just a tiny amount will eventually be much more effective than using half the bottle or can every single time (bonus side-effect: this will also save you a considerable amount of cash). A heavy dose will undeniably make sure others can smell you from quite a distance, but think for a second what happens whenever that one special person you no doubt had in mind when applying the scent comes at the distance you dreamt her/him to be? At such distance the heavy dose is actually close to unbearable, hence having more a repelling instead of an attracting effect.

Just give it a try, the people around you will appreciate it.

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