Warning: you are likely to be victim of a huge scam!

Picture by SamsungTomorrow (https://www.flickr.com/photos/samsungtomorrow/)Those who know me in person, will be able to confirm: intellectual development is quite important to me. That is why in recent years I have been thrilled to see loads of new devices entering our society at a large scale with a name containing the prefix ‘smart’. BUT… there is a big problem! And probably you are just as much a victim to it as I have now discovered to be myself!!!

After having spent a considerable (understatement!) amount of time with smartphones (you don’t get to level 140 of Candy Crush in half an hour, especially if you’re determined not to pay a cent to King – hereby on the fly answering the question “What is the next level you will get stuck at for a while after having been stuck at level 125?”) and smart-TVs (even putting in extra efforts like recording & watching all seasons of Mad Men for a second time), I now have to state positively what I have been suspecting for a while: these things are NOT making you any smarter. It’s all a big scam! I am now even tending to the point of view that some of the devices might be making you LESS smart (I’m not blaming any particular category at this point, but it’s not the aforementioned smartphones).

It looks like the remorse is starting to kick in with the vendors of the devices, if you look at the spectacularly rate at which the prices of this junk decrease in recent days. Some justice at last. But on the other hand, danger always lurks – as is clearly shown by the fact that all of us are now being lured into buying something called a smartwatch. They’re not fooling me another time!

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