How to get a discount in webshops

Picture by Tim Reckmann ( you know that a lot of companies are following you when you’ve been on their website? There is a technique called retargeting that causes you to see ads from websites that you have recently visited (provided they have set up an agreement with Google to pay Google if you actually visit the website again by clicking those ads). In order for those ads to be shown to you (and not to your next door neighbour who was not visiting that specific website), you need to be tracked, and so that is exactly what is happening.

Please don’t be upset about this, as you have fully agreed to this (during multiple installations you clicked ‘I agree’, remember? if you had taken the trouble of reading all those texts, you might have realized this was one of the things you agreed upon). Just to be clear: there is nothing illegal about retargeting, it is simply a marketing technique that is used as a tool to try to convince you to buy a specific product or service.

Retargeting is only one of the techniques used to incentivize you to spend money in a webshop. Another one is following up on existing customers to check if they have put items in the virtual shopping cart but not checked out. And that’s exactly what I want to make you aware of. What about taking advantage of this? Some webshops will attempt to make you buy the product you were seemingly interested in (why else would you put it in the shopping basket?) by offering a discount if you’re not coming back to complete the purchase cycle soon enough.

So what I suggest is to make sure that the webshops is fully enabled to offer you a nice discount: create an account to make sure they have your e-mail address (don’t worry too much about the newsletters you will start receiving: thanks to the antispam- and privacy-related legislation almost all of them now have a very convenient unsubscribe procedure), put whatever you want to buy in the shopping cart of the webshop, but don’t buy it yet. Instead just wait a few days and keep an eye on your mailbox. There’s a pretty solid chance that it will soon contain an e-mail with a voucher offering a discount for the webshop you had been visiting.

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