Song of the day: XTC – Love on a Farmboy’s Wages

On my way home from work today, the person responsible for selecting the music in between the evening news had the brilliant idea to dig up Love on a Farmboy’s Wages by XTC. Having come home inspired by this and after having had some dinner (damn, forgot once again to take a picture and post it on Facebook; perhaps I can make up for this by taking a picture of te remains that will come out of the body tomorrow morning or so – could generate some colourful comments) I have just sat down to look up the song and discovered I don’t have it in my iTunes collection! Amazon is obviously my next URL after having clicked the Publish button.

I have the album, Mummer – an absolutely masterpiece – on vinyl, but not all songs on it in my digital collection, as that currently only contains the content of XTC’s Greatest Hits collection (it’s a complete mystery to me why this specific songs is not on it).

To the dirvers and passengers of the cars in front of me and behind me while I was standing in front of the traffic light when the song was on: sorry if I made you think “there must be something wrong with that guy”. That’s just the effect this kind of song has on me when popping up unexpectedly.

If you’re like Love on a Farmboy’s Wages, perhaps you should also check out Wonderland, another song from Mummer (and fortunately on Greatest Hits).

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