YOLO stages

Please note: this post will unfortunately not be of much value to buddhists (due to their belief in reincarnation) or cats (commonly known to possess 9 lives)
YOLO at age 10
: dig up all the money you can possibly collect from any source conceivable, just go to the shop and buy that game – no matter what your parents say (you’ll find out soon enough that it was not worth the money after all and in a couple of years you will even be ready to admit it).

YOLO at age 20: spend a couple of months in a jungle at the other side of the planet (once again, your parents might not share your views on this, and it will indeed still be quite a few years before you start appreciating their opinion again).

YOLO at age 30: run a marathon (or at least make sure not to sit in front of a screen all of the time; your body will reward you by properly assisting in the accomplishment of the rest of this list).

YOLO at age 40: accept that new job, even though loads of people close to you are calling you crazy to give up all those certainties linked to your current job to dive into the unknown (but then again: what do they really know about the situation and do you really want to drag on for years in the way you are doing right now? After all: unknown to them is by far not unknown to you).

YOLO at age 50: go to the bank to extend you mortgage for a couple of years and just buy that summer house (at your age some of the criteria that caused the prices of real estate to be sky high when you were looking around years ago, are not so important anymore, which will make it more affordable than you might think).

YOLO at age 60: write a book, even if you think nobody will be interested – it just might contain some of the answers to the questions your (grand)children never got a chance to ask you.

YOLO at age 70: dig up all the money you can readily collect, just go to the shop (or local car dealer) and buy that crazy price high tech gadget – no matter what your children say (you’ll find out soon enough that it was definitely worth the money and that you should have done this much earlier).

YOLO at age 80: finally take that bungee jump (yes, I know: the person in the picture does not eaxctly look age 80 – not everyone waits until they are 80)

YOLO at age 90: step up a gear on the giving away; scientific claims of breakthroughs on the path to extended or even eternal life have been around for a while – but invariably extremely vague when it comes to specifying an exact timing.

YOLO at age 100: enjoy the mere fact that you still have the chance to think about YOLO opportunities, and think back to one of the previous YOLO moments every night, just before you fall asleep.

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