Song of the day: Isolde et les Bens – Aluminium Folie

Female percussionists seem to have this strange effect on me (those who have attended a live performance of Lenny Kravitz will know what I am talking about – that level of energy is downright scary). An excellent example of the species is Isolde Lasoen, who is playing drums in a number of Belgian bands and on occasion also releases solo work or performs with Isolde et les Bens.

Watching the clip of this live version of Aluminium Folie (a song about tin foil, of all things) does not really show her exquisite skills at percussion as she’s only taking care of the vocals here, but trust me: she’s good at it (the live performance of Daan‘s classic Housewife at Lokerse Feesten a couple of years ago still belongs to my top 5 festival-memories ever).

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