Song of the day: Fatboy Slim – Song for Shelter

If you have less than half an hour to spend when you stumble upon this blogpost: bookmark it and come back when you do. The clip is over 11 minutes long and there’s a good chance that, if you take the time to watch it in full length, you will want to play it again. Not necessarily only to admire the young, almost naked bodies (of both girls and boys, so no one should feel left out) – this particular clip is a product of the content creation factory called Red Bull – as the music really has a kind of hypnotizing effect. If you don’t pick up that effect… it simply means you’ve not listened to it enough times.

fatboy_slim_-_halfway_between_the_gutter_and_the_starsTo enjoy Song for Shelter to the full extent, you should be familiar with the entire Fatboy Slim album Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars. The album contains some well known hits, such as Sunset (Bird of Prey) and Weapon of Choice (with a wonderful official video featuring Christopher Walken) and features this Song for Shelter as the closing song, with the final part of the song repeating musical elements from earlier parts of the album.

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