Song of the day: Bent Van Looy – Flowers and Balloons

Bent Van Looy is the frontman of the Belgian band Das Pop. For personal reasons, I will always have an emotional connection with the band as they were the opening act of the 2001 edition of Rock Werchter, my favourite summer festival, on the day my ex-wife was moving out of the house. I decided to go to the festival that day, and was only truely hit by the realization of what was going on at the very moment that the band started playing one of their hits at the time: The Love Program (included as a bonus track below).

Van Looy released a solo album (Round The Bend) a couple of years ago and the opening song, Flowers ans Balloons, still finds exteme ways to touch me every time I hear it. No guitars, no drums, no horns – just a guy singing his song and playing his piano. Simple and honest, but above all magically wonderful.

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