Song of the day: Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – I Need Never Get Old

A couple of months ago there was an announcement on the radio that Paul McCartney was going to perform in Belgium. A handful of seconds and mouseclicks later, a digital ticket was in my mailbox. The guy is 74 now – “will there be another chance after this?” is therefore a very valid question, certainly justifying the quick response time (also given the speed with which concerts sometimes get sold out these days).

The McCartney gig was at Rock Werchter, undisputedly the n°1 festival in Belgium in terms of alignment with my taste in music. So I was pretty confident that the day at the festival would bring me (as has been the case on previous occasions) some pleasant surprises. And it did: the live performance of Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats was amazing. I knew some of the songs as they had received some air time on radio, but the live set caused me to make the following mental note: “Tell my wife never to allow me to spend a summer without at least spending 1 day at a music festival”. Which fits it quite nicely with the song title here: ‘I Need Never Get Old”.

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