Song of the day: Belle & Sebastian – Step Into My Office, Baby

220px-belle__sebastian_-_step_into_my_office_babyI never watch music videos. It’s only when I have selected a song as Song of the day that I start searching for a good way to include the song into a blogpost. Originally, the plan was to mainly use links from Soundcloud (as videos can be a distraction from the songs itself), but this soon turned out not to be a feasible option, as official versions of most songs are simply not on it, and the songs that are on it, often don’t stay on it – unlike for example video clips officially posted on YouTube or Vimeo. So I ended up posting links to videos most of the time.

A long intro to simply point out: the songs are not selected because of the videos. Just to make sure you don’t start thinking – as I now realize you might when taking a good look at the clips I have been posting – I am a sex maniac. On the other hand, this apparent correlation between good music and sex(ual undertones) in the videos accompanying them might be something worth looking into in more detail. So, while you are enjoying Step Into My Office, Baby by Belle & Sebastian, I will engage in some more YouTube exploration. To be continued.

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