Just asking… #5 – Is your next boss a robot?

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Some people are worried that in some not so distant future robots will take their jobs away, and that in whatever jobs are still left, humans will be bossed around by algorithms and machines. Personally I think those people hugely underestimate human resourcefulness, but still I’d like to pass on a thought to those more worrying-natured: why on earth do you think this will only happen in the future? It is already happening right here, right now! Just look around: every day your smartphone sends you (with a unrelenting sequence of notifications and sounds) on a hunt for power to recharge it. When you have done that and then sit down to enjoy a movie, the dishwasher starts squeaking – until you get up and push a button to stop it. And when you have just settled down again and hit the play-button, there is the dryer informing you that you need to get up again and fold some laundry…

So, is your next boss a machine? Or is it your current one? Just asking…

2 thoughts on “Just asking… #5 – Is your next boss a robot?

  1. Peet McCain

    In a way, our bosses are already algorithms that seemlessly get us strawberries out of season, water to our pipes, and a million other things that are behind the scenes. Some of them are so far behind the scenes, we may not even notice them.
    You might live in a nice neighborhood, but perhaps it is nice because their is a social safety net that was approved in a budgetary process that is active in the next town over that is keeping the wolves at bey.
    We live in an interconnected world, and I fear that most people don’t know the complexities that together keep us safe, warm, fed and happy. These complexities are run more by fine tuned mathematics than by the individuals that get them to you.
    So our bosses are already robots. All hail their shiny metal antennae!

  2. Simone Pervenche

    I wish less notifications and more deconnexion !
    Nice question Jan you asked for ! 🙂


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