Local Guide Best Practice: Find the right category

[This is one of a series of articles originally published on Local Guides Connect]

A slight feeling of embarrassment originally kept me from publishing this tip, as it is based on my own experience as a beginning local guide, and as I felt really silly when I figured out what the solution was. But then I noticed on the Connect forum that there were several occasions where a local guide posted that (s)he was facing exactly the same problem. So I will confess to it after all.

When you add a new point of interest, one of the mandatory fields is ‘category’. You can’t submit the information unless you add something in that field. And obviously you want to add the best fitting category. But the problem seems to be that the list you get presented to choose from is quite short and only contains some general categories (Restaurant, School, Bank, etc). Some very basic business categories like ‘Hair salon’ or ‘Accountant’ are simply not listed!

This was an easy one – and in the “default” list: bank

If you’re at this point, you have made the invalid assumption – as I had initially done – that the categories in that list are the only ones you can choose from. They are not. Not by far. You should really only look at them as a kind of frequently used categories that are shown as examples. In reality you can access almost 4.000 different categories in English (or 3.000 in most other languages). The only thing you need to do is start typing the name of what you are looking for. In the hair salon example, typing ‘hair’ will certainly show you the category you are looking for. Yes, it is that easy.

The original article can be found here


Disclaimer: the practices described here as best practice are my personal interpretation, and I don’t claim any level of official endorsement.

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