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Just asking… #8 – Conflicting German laws

As you might or might not know, in Germany it is illegal to stretch your arm into a certain forward and slightly upward position (for those who have no idea what I am talking about: Google the terms “Germany” and “1930s”). Another set of laws regulate the way you need to behave when taking part in traffic on public roads. One of those rules makes it mandatory for cyclists, for example at crossroads, to indicate which direction they want to go by stretching out their arm in the direction they are heading. No problem so far.

But please take a close look at the crossroad in this picture.

When cycling back from the office I have to go straight ahead (where the pedestrian is crossing the road), but as you can see from the traffic sign, that is not a simple continuation of the direction I am travelling, but rather a change of direction. So I need to indicate this by stretching my arm in that direction. But would that then not be a violation of the other law? Just asking…

Just asking… #7 – Tattoos

Photo by terg on Pixabay

Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding: that is NOT a picture of me without a shirt. I don’t have any tattoos. Never will have one either. It’s not that I have anything against people who have tattoos – as the saying goes: it’s a free world – but I simply fail to see any reason to get one (the free world argument obviously also counts for me).

If I see, however, how abundant tattoos have become in recent years, and if I combine that with the age old concept of generation conflict, a question raises. Given the fact that children often have the tendency to rebel against their parents, and given the fact that this rebellion often takes the form of those children doing exactly the opposite of their parents, I wonder: how long will this abundant tattooing stick around? Won’t their soon be a generation that will refuse to get any tattoos simply because mom/dad has plenty of them?

Or in other words: when will tattoos be considered to be something “for old people”? Just asking…

9 amazing things about Germany

In recent years, I have spent quite a bit of my time in Germany, both in a professional and a private context. And in that period, a number of things have struck me as anything on a scale ranging from “a bit awkward” over “amazing” down to “simply too baffling for words”.

Buckle up for a list of the most striking ones:

  • The obsession with privacy, and the resulting tendancy to make things twice as complex as they could be – nicely illustrated that time when I specifically requested to Continue reading

Quote of the day #105

“The status quo isn’t worth protecting. It’s so easy to be in reaction, on the defensive, fighting for the world we had yesterday. Fight for something better, something we haven’t seen yet, something you have to invent.”

Jennifer Pahlka