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Just asking… #7 – Tattoos

Photo by terg on Pixabay

Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding: that is NOT a picture of me without a shirt. I don’t have any tattoos. Never will have one either. It’s not that I have anything against people who have tattoos – as the saying goes: it’s a free world – but I simply fail to see any reason to get one (the free world argument obviously also counts for me).

If I see, however, how abundant tattoos have become in recent years, and if I combine that with the age old concept of generation conflict, a question raises. Given the fact that children often have the tendency to rebel against their parents, and given the fact that this rebellion often takes the form of those children doing exactly the opposite of their parents, I wonder: how long will this abundant tattooing stick around? Won’t their soon be a generation that will refuse to get any tattoos simply because mom/dad has plenty of them?

Or in other words: when will tattoos be considered to be something “for old people”? Just asking…