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Local Guide Best Practice: Reporting duplicates

Image by Bru-nO on Pixabay

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When you come across two (or sometimes even more, but for the sake of simplicity I will refer to 2 in the rest of this post) mentions of the same point of interest (POI), you should report one of them as duplicate. You do this by going to Suggest an edit, click Remove this place and then select Duplicate of another place from the drop-down menu containing the possible reasons for removal. (Don’t worry about the Add a photo-option on that page, as that is not relevant in reporting duplicates – it can be useful for some of the other options in the list, like Not open yet or Private place or home).

Usually, you will then be presented with another pop up screen that lists one or a few other POIs which Google suspects could be the ‘correct’ one, asking you to indicate which of those you consider to be the correct one. At the bottom of that list there is also the option to indicate None of the above in case the one you meant is not listed. So far, so good: the process is pretty straightforward. But what can be much trickier Continue reading