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Song of the day: Jon Cutler Feat E-Man – It’s Yours

Jon Cutler must be the proud owner of what might possibly be the shortest Wikipedia page about any musician – apparently there is not much to tell about him. But nevertheless this It’s Yours (2001) in my view is enough to grant him eternal fame.

These days (read: at my age) I can usually resist turning the volume up to the maximum when a song kicks in, but not in this case. Damn good music!

Song of the day: Jon Cutler Feat. E-Man – It’s Yours

Perhaps not the most sophisticated song in terms of composition, but it really has a spell on me, if only because it has a tendency to pop up at unexpected yet meaningful moments in my life.

I’d love to tell you loads more about Jon Cutler, but it seems that apart from this 2001 song, there’s really not all that much to tell (or at least no one bothered to create an elabotate Wikipedia page).

I couldn’t find a proper video, sou you’ll have to put up with 7 minutes of the picture of the disc, but in my view the catchiness more than compensates for that.