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Song of the day: Nouvelle Vague – Blue Monday

Writing great, original songs is an amazing skill. The creative artist(s) at his/her/their peak. But making alternative versions of existing songs can lead to equally amazing results, especially if the new version is not simply a cover, aiming to replicate the original as closely as possible, but rather an individual interpretation.

In my experience, some of the best results are linked to a switch in genre between the original and the new version. Take for example Nouvelle Vague, a french band that has released some albums with bossa nova versions of new wave classics – some of them absolutely wonderful, like Blue Monday.

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Song of the day: Buscemi / Bernthøler – My Suitor

A great cover of a great song: what more could one ask for? The case at hand is a song called My Suitor, a new wave classic originally released by Bernthøler in 1984 (it was love at first hear) and then covered in 2001 by the Belgian DJ Buscemi (aka Dirk Swartenbroekx) on his fabulous debut album Our Girl in Havana.

As the decision which of the two should be included here led to quite a bit of agony, I opted for the easy way out and present you both of them.

The cover

The original

She’s clearly not an English native speaker – but the accent actually causes a strange mix of cuteness and melancholy.