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Just asking… #6 – ROFL

I’m sure you’ve already read the expression ROFL: rolling on the floor laughing. You even might have used it yourself from time to time in social media posts or text messages when LOL was not strong enough. But suppose you take this literally, drop to the floor and start laughing while rolling. How long can you do this before people start wondering if there might be something wrong? How long before someone starts feeling uncomfortable? How long until that becomes uncomfortable enough to call the emergency service? How long before it’s been decided that you might be a threat to your environment or to society?

It is a specific example of my more general question: when do people consider you to be crazy instead of just silly? I have to admit – a fact readily confirmed by the people close to me, although most of the times there are no witnesses – I can act silly at times. And on occasion there is an urge to just go on and on, without any real reason (assuming there was a reason, or at least a trigger to start with).

So, how far exactly can you go, rolling on the floor laughing, before they lock you away? Just asking…