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Song of the day: New Musik – This World of Water

If your choice of music is being called eclectic by those who like it, this most likely also implies that the initial response of the majority of the guys & girls out there is something along the lines of “never heard of any of those!” (that is: the response to the names of the artists and titles of the songs – once the songs are actually listened to, a bell goes ringing here and there, a for expample as a song is recognized as “the one from the jeans commercial”).

Another one perfectly fitting the line up here is This World of Water by New Musik, a British band that was releasing some wonderfully nice songs in the late seventies and early eighties.

Caveat: As on previous occasions with older songs, don’t expect any kind of video quality in the clip, as it goes back to the days of the release of the song. There’s water in it (deduction based on the song title) but you’re not really able to discriminate much more detail.