Magic spray can

You might have noticed the 2014 FIFA World Cup is being held these days in Brazil. As I work for a company thay happens to sell products and as I am often in touch with some of our customers, I have no choice but to keep on track about the topics that our customers might want to talk about (in a lot of sales situations, small talk is quite an essential part of relation building). So I sacrifice loads of my free time these days watching those soccer matches, out of respect for our customers (which reminds me: shouldn’t I try to report these hours as working hours?).
As there are 2 more matches starting in less than an hour, I will consequently have to keep this blogpost short. I just want to point out a wonder cure that most people in the medical sector somehow have not discovered yet: the spray can that is being used to miraculously heal injured soccer players. It is absolutely fabulous how in healthy adult males life-threatening situations can be neutralized in seconds by simply using a spray can on the body part that was considered ready for amputation. Amazing.

Why don’t all MD’s preventively spray just a tiny bit of this stuff in the waiting room every morning? Why don’t we have a spray system with this stuff installed at every entrance of every hospital? Surely this would be way cheaper than the overload of machines that go beep.

One thing is intruiging, though: the effect seems to be stronger with players whose team has scored 1 goal more than the other team. Must be something psychological.

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