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Magic spray can #2

Undoubtedly the most striking novelty at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is the spray can used by the referees (the illustrious goal line technology being a good second, but we’ve already known that for years from tennis, so @FIFA: there was no reason to show off like that). It’s not really completely new, as tests have been done with it before, but it’s new Picture by Andrew Magill
in the sense that this is the first time the audience at large gets to see it. For those who have somehow managed not to watch any of the matches (inexplicably some TV-channels have been broadcasting other shows during the matches, and I’ve also heard rumours about Continue reading

Magic spray can

You might have noticed the 2014 FIFA World Cup is being held these days in Brazil. As I work for a company thay happens to sell products and as I am often in touch with some of our customers, I have no choice but to keep on track about the topics that our customers might want to talk about (in a lot of sales situations, small talk is quite an essential part of relation building). So I sacrifice loads of my free time these days watching those soccer matches, out of respect for our customers (which reminds me: shouldn’t I try to report these hours as working hours?).
As there are 2 more matches starting in less than an hour, I will consequently have to keep this blogpost short. I just want to point out a wonder cure that most people in the medical sector somehow have not discovered yet Continue reading