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My address is an email address

Message to the world: if you want to make sure that a message you have might for me reaches me in a proper and timely way… send it by email, not as a letter. Especially if you are a government agency or a supplier of a service or utility and expect some kind of response/action/payment from my side.

The circumstances of my personal and professional life have evolved in such a way that I spend large chunks of time in multiple locations. But that also implies Continue reading

Guest post: Open letter to Bill Gates

Dear Bill,

It’s now been 8 years since you sent me the e-mail in which you promised to pay 10 cents for every e-mail I would forward. But as you have so far not responded to any of the e-mails I have sent (and then forwarded MULTIPLE times) on this topic, you leave me no other option than to use a public forum to contact you, such as this guest post on a blog which is hugely popular (or so I am told, and I can assure you: I’m not a person that is easily fooled!).

Picture by Thomas HawkAnd please don’t claim that you have never received any of the mails, as I have used several different e-mail addresses: bill.gates@microsoft.com; william.henry.james@microsoft.com; bill_melinda@hotmail.com; Continue reading